Partnering with a Patent Attorney in Houston

Technology companies and inventors seek patent protection to legally maintain exclusivity of manufacturing their products, deterring competitors. New startups often turn to patent lawyers (read: Patent Lawyers for Startups - Babbittcu) as their partner in mapping out their patent strategy, as it’s often too complex for one to figure out themselves.

Why in Houston?

Texas is increasingly becoming a hub for businesses to relocate, especially from high-cost states such as California. When you’re located in Texas, and you haven’t found a patent lawyer yet, it is important to find a local patent attorney who understands the unique challenges that Texans face. Texas is unique from other states in its business-friendly free enterprise laws. While Austin is a “mecca” of sorts for various big tech companies, Houston is another area that is ripe for opportunities.

Whether to seek patent protection or to maintain an invention as a trade secret is a decision that must be considered in each case by examining the relevant facts.

A more robust requirement on the subject matter of a patent is that the invention defined in the claim for patent protection must be new or novel.

The Test for Non-Obviousness

In patent-registration, the test for non-obviousness is whether the subject matter sought to be patented and the prior art are such that the subject matter as a whole would have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the art at the time the invention was made. This means that the invention would demand an unusual level of skill to be produced.

A patent assignment can transfer the entire interest or a partial interest in a patent.

Provisional Patents

You do not have to file a provisional patent before filing for a utility patent or a design patent. This option does give you an advantage: you can legally market your invention as patent pending. You have 12 months from the time you file a provisional patent application to file a nonprovisional patent.

The provisional patent application specification does not have to include all of the elements required for a regular patent application specification.

Both patent attorneys and patent agents are permitted to prepare an application for a patent, and conduct a prosecution in the USPTO. Many patent lawyers, such as the one recommends, will give you a direct number to reach them if you have any questions or concerns about your case.

Total disclosure of the invention is mandated to allow the public to freely use the invention once the patent has expired.

The cost to obtain a design patent or file a provisional application is significantly less than the cost of obtaining a utility patent due to lower fees and less work involved.

Under U.S. law, design patents last for 20 years from the date the patent office grants a design patent application.

Patents vs. Trade Secrets

In the event you don’t want the details of your invention to be published, trade secret law is the other option. A clear case in favor of trade secrets is when the advantage of owning the technology is of very short duration. Owners of trade secrets have exclusive rights to make use of the secret only as long as the secret is maintained.

The process of applying for a patent is confusing because the Patent Office gives you four different options for filing a patent application.

A patent pending search is a type of patent search that looks for patent applications that may affect whether your invention qualifies for a patent.

Governments have a range of public policy measures outside the field of intellectual property to address issues of access to and prices of drugs.

You can start the process of licensing your patent by making a list of manufacturers with strong distribution channels.

Patent applicants generally rely on trade secret law to protect their inventions while the patent applications are pending.

You can apply for both a utility and a design patent for the same invention if your invention has both a useful application as well as the design features you want to protect.

The patent law of the United States of America requires that the applicant in a patent application must be the inventor. A patent attorney or patent agent may represent the inventors named in a patent application. The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be made solely on advertising.

The patent application must contain a written description of the invention and how to make and use the invention in such complete terms as to enable others to make and use it. A better patent attorney Houston will help you tailor your application for success, standing out from the thousands of other businesses whose patent applications are rejected.

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